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Black Hole


I’m looking at photos of a black hole

on my screen – vivid flaming orange-red

disappearing into black. Black holes

consume light.  


In my mind, Notre-Dame de Paris –

spectacular blaze, flame becoming the char

of centuries. Great oaken ceiling boards

gone; not a forest left in France

to replace such lumber.


What’s the purpose of black holes?

Among internet theories: the entire universe

is a puzzle for physicists to solve.


Do I believe in serendipity

or synchronicity?


Black holes on my screen – could they suck

laptop and me into themselves?

Today’s TV news report suggests

Notre-Dame was ignited by computer glitch.


Have we created a black hole of circuitry,

gravity of ones and zeroes?

Could our own creation – progress –

swallow centuries of civilization, monument

by monument?


I turn off my computer

and walk out under the night sky,

and I am lost.