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Hello and welcome to Runcible Spoon, a webzine aimed at showcasing the best in contemporary poetry and prose.


We have been going for over a year now and you have been keeping us busy with all your submissions. Please keep them rolling in - we'd be lost without you.


We never cease to be amazed at how far our little webzine is travelling; we are humbled to say that we have received submissions from every continent.


They say that turnover is vanity and only profit is sanity; well we are non-profit so we feel justifiably proud to say we are exceeding 5000 visits per month - so if nothing else it shows the love of good poetry and prose is pretty universal - as if anyone ever doubted it for a moment!


As a webzine, the lifeblood of the site is you, the contributors and the readers, so please read and enjoy. If you would like to comment, good or bad, do please drop a line to feedback@runciblespoon.co.uk. We don’t guarantee perfection, but we will strive to provide an enjoyable quality read.


If you would like to see your work on the site please see the Submissions guidelines and send us a selection for consideration.


So what else have we been up to?


Kathleen will be launching her new collection in June Wilderness of Skin published by Yaffle Press, a new publisher with a wealth of talented poets - many of whom are showcased on Runcible Spoon - and those that haven't been so far can expect to be badgered by Kathleen for submissions very soon.


Last September we launched our Runcible Spoon Open Mic Event, which takes place from 4pm, second Sunday of every month at the Miners Arms Pub in Morley, Leeds. We have guest readers and an open mic for poetry, prose and music. Why not come along for a relaxing afternoon, maybe perform some of your own work or just listen? You'll be guaranteed a warm welcome.


If anyone is interested in doing a guest reader spot, perhaps for a book or pamphlet launch please get in touch.


Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter (@RunciblePress) for forthcoming events and guest readers.