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Poetry November 2021

Sometimes it Snows in April by Mark Connors
Spirits in The Material World by Mark Connors
De-evolution Ad Nauseum by Mark Connors
Beggar by Ian Stuart
Jane Nightwork by Ian Stuart
Slow Exposure by Ian Stuart
Little Jar of Pickles by Elliott Stanton
We're all Doomed by Elliott Stanton
Like Hank Williams in His Cadillac by John Tustin
My Favorite Day by John Tustin
a poem for wives by Tanner
"£14.49" by Tanner
by yer gums by Tanner
Winding Down by Gary Beck
Genetic Taint by Gary Beck
Glass is a Slow Liquid by Penny Blackburn
The Innards of the M1 by Penny Blackburn
Thermocline by Penny Blackburn
Life Lessons by Sarah J Bryson
This slow morph into Yorkshire stone by Sarah L Dixon