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Sharena Lee Satti


Sharena Lee Satti is the Author of Testing Tmes and Broken Chains.


She is a local poet from Bradford West Yorkshire.


She started writing poetry at a young age which initially helped deal with her troubled childhood. Poetry later became a huge part of her life. She actively performs at spoken words events, and leads an active role in her community volunteering and working in schools. She has been interviewed by several radio stations Bcb Radio, Drystone radio, 5towns radio etc. She was filmed for National Poetry Day which was supported by Bradford UNESCO City of Film and Bradford Libraries and in most recent times she was a guest on Sisters corner Iqra sky TV. Most currently Sharena took part in Leeds Lieder. She collaborated with a composer to create a song.


Sharena Lee Satti’s empathy for the many causes in which she takes part in is instantly recognised and well received