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Silence in the Shadows


The trees are now bare, barren are the miles of

barbed wire and dead electrified fences which

surround this horrific place as the empty guard

towers echo silence of final rest, speechless stare.

Straight train tracks lead to the entrance where

tall iron gates shock the senses and psyche.


These acres once contained wooden buildings

housing entire families, but now only spirits walk.

Some buildings have huge tall chimneys with

white signs saying 'crematorium' in block letters.

Will memories of those murdered ever go away;

as smoke from the tall stacks drifted in the wind?


The murders, the torture, the wanton hatred.

For what purpose? Please answer that simple

question. Why did this happen here, in this town,

in this horrendous place known as Auschwitz.

As minds roamed jungles of chilling depravity

you can still hear the hate and pillory speak.

through damnations curtains, reality and truth.


What's the true meaning of life as we know it.

Eyes sparkle in those who despise it so as to

steal it away from families, friends or the world.

The migration has now slowed in the tidal ebb

as Charron plied the oar down the river Styx,

while walls of creation climbing forever taller.


The bricks of shit laid in columns one by one.

Talk of yesterday may be spoken tomorrow

children will sit in puddles by the brickyards.

Rules, the laws, the wars and condemnation

walls get higher, past the mirrored reflections

Trees bare, smoke rises, ghosts still wander.

behind damnations veil, the truth will speak.