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1. We ONLY accept submissions by email.


2. Send your submission of no more than 3 poems or 2 pieces of prose to submissions@runciblespoon.co.uk and include your name in the subject line.


3. Include a short biography about yourself in the third person.  You may include one link to a publication or your blog or your website. Once we have accepted your work, please do not send us edits or biography updates.


4. Please Like/Follow us on Facebook if you use social media. We will tag you in our Facebook posts if we can and that is much easier if you follow us. Please let us know if you do not want us to do this.


5. Your submissions must be in a Word file attachment. Please include all items in a single fille.


6. Please note the maximum length of poetry we will publish is 60 lines per poem. Maximum length of prose will be 1000 words per item.


7. Please DO NOT submit work that includes copyright material (such as pictures) belonging to other people/third parties.


8. As the author you retain full copyright in your work. By submitting a piece of poetry or prose to us you are granting  Runcible Spoon a non-exclusive right to reproduce your work.


9. With the exception of personal blogs, we do not accept published work or simultaneous submissions. If, after accepting or publishing a piece of  work on Runcible Spoon we find it published elsewhere we will remove it from our web site.


10. We do not give critical reviews of submissions.


11. We reserve the right to reject any submission we feel is deliberately offensive or actionable.


12. We do not pay for submissions.


13.  Depending on the volume of contributions if your work is accepted we reserve the right not to consider further contributions from you for a period of six months.


14.  The site will be updated weekly or more frequently if circumstances permit.




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