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The Uninvited Guest

(Chance encounter with a red kite)


Cresting the ridge this evening I caught you unawares,

startling an ascent with ever widening wings,

turning deftly, swiftly swooping, mastering the air.

Sunlight dappled back, signature forked tail,

soaring ever higher you stared down angrily to see

the nature and intentions of your uninvited guest.


But mark, this rude encounter was never meant to be.

I swear that my confusion was equal to your own,

as stepping back too late, I felt a sharpening guilt

for driving you so rudely from your hard-earned feast.

An unexpected meeting had caused us both to wheel

away from chance conjunction that neither had desired.


Retiring a safe distance, I found the lee of trees

and there I stood and waited in hope you might return.

But your trust in me was broken, I had deprived you of a meal.

So now I must depart the scene of inadvertent crime

and hope that somewhere else today whilst gliding above hills,

another corpse lies waiting and your quest will be fulfilled.