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Toy Soldiers

(ODE to Child Abuse)


Five little Girls, fell out of the Tree

and onto that Predator Weinstein’s Knee.

Alligator. Alligator. Say How High?

Let me think… Right up to your Thigh!


Five little Girls, stood all in a row,

which one’ll give me a reit good blow?

Alligator. Alligator. He loves it large.

Anything that moves with a pulse, like that good ole Marge.


Five little Girls, on Savile’s list.

Hit hard by a sensationalized venomous twist.

Alligator. Alligator. He’ll fix it, if your face fits.

And you’re a School Girl from Surrey, who’s got big tits.


Six little Boys, all stood in a row.

Wondering where for the day, they can all go?

Alligator. Alligator. Let’s head to the mall.

To make Jamie our next victim, we’ll have a ball.


Three teenage Girls, in Rochdale Town.

Another Kid in Liverpool, who’s been mowed down.

Alligator. Alligator. On the run.

Underage Psycho Killers carrying, a loaded Gun.


Five little Girls, dressed all in Black.

Because they’re constantly under attack.

By Catholic Priests and their own flesh and blood.

What a way to suffer ROBBED, of their Sweet Childhood.


One London Boy, all frightened and alone.

Who’d have thought it? Who’d have known?

That Danger was to come, knocking at his door.

Another one DEAD and BURIED, beneath the concrete floor.


One Austrian Girl, a Daughter to a Man.

Whose Sadistic Motto was to always think:

“I can, behave how I like because I’ve got the power,

to treat my Daughter like a Slave for Sex, whilst watching her cower”.


Eight Barbie Dolls, all stood in a line.

Whilst the Westside Guy echoed:

“I’ll take em’ all, they’re mine”.


Disembedded Bodies buried in the cellar, outside my Home.

Welcome aboard my appetizing Pleasure Dome.

Without Frankie, He’s in Hollywood!


Boys and Girls, all stood up for an intimidating inspection.

Then wiped out by a catalyst carrying, one deadly infection.

The Criminally Insane, taking Robotic Bodies; right up to the Moors.

With a Crack-a-Jack Smile, bloody gums and fractured Jaws.


A Dewsbury Kidnapping, sending the Nation into sheer shock.

Heads turning, Hearts yearning, listening to the sound of the clock.

Disempowerment and Darkness, dished out to one vulnerable Girl.

Whose Life Story forever makes our Chicken curl.

As we keep sucking through straws, on a Chocolate Twirl.


And so, these are some of the tales from long ago.

Telling of Child Abuse and its fatal blow.

A mixture of Boys and Girls, all taken and floored.

By an Inhumane, Incoherent and Oppressive System; forever ignored.


Let it pierce your eyes and sharpen your tongue.

‘Collectively’ let’s stand side by side altogether, as ONE.

To count our blessings and the people we meet.

For such Demonization and Destruction, unto us will never defeat,

the way we treat people.





Love. Hope and Kindness.


Love. Hope and Kindness.

No Time, for that Orwellian.

Love. Hope and Kindness.

ART together is Sweet REBELLION.