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Walking into a Hit So Green

You Try to Pass for a Forest  


She remembered him from youth

and after talking on the phone for some time,

she invited us to her party.


Under the impression that we were guests,

not outsiders.

And since my friend was a nice guy and knew her,

he took the lead.


The four of us walking down into that basement

with a six pack between us.


So under-aged and ill-equipped

that we sat in a line beside the stairs

and tried to not make eye contact with an army

of black bubble jackets that

didn’t know us.


Trying to not get killed

in the next three



She never came by once.

Not even as a hospitality.


I began to wonder what he had done

to this girl that had left us

for dead.


As the dark

looked at us with suspicion

and I drank far faster than

anyone else.